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Partner with an HR consulting firm that values user feedback and recognizes that organizations require the right tools to adapt as people change.

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Our Story

MRG Consultant Group, LLC is a ground-breaking, high-level Human Resources Consulting firm that is innovative, cutting-edge, and engaging. Our company is owned and operated by women and minorities. We offer tactical and strategic advice to minority-owned businesses with fewer than 50 employees. MRG was founded in November 2020 out of a need in the Chicagoland area to provide small business owners with the knowledge they need to compete on a high level. We specialize in recruitment and hiring, training and development, employer-employee relations, creating and maintaining company cultures, employee benefits, policy creation and updates, and developing community relationships.

What We Offer

Recruitment & Hiring

Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out, locating, and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. The recruitment definition encompasses the entire hiring process, from initial evaluation to employee integration.

Training & Development

Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by enhancing HR training and development.

Employer-Employee Relations

With an increased emphasis on the connection between managers and their team members, we concentrate on both interpersonal and group dynamics in the workplace.

Create, Maintain, Improve

Creating, maintaining, and/or improving company cultures, as well as creating and/or improving employee benefits and policies.


"I was referred to MRG Consultant Group in 2020. I knew that my business needed HR support but wasn’t sure to what level. Keisha (the owner) assessed my needs and made recommendations based upon the future growth of my company. Let me say, the style of HR by Keisha and her team is fun and fantastic! Their openness, dedication and commitment to their craft is phenomenal. The direction they provide in connecting with employees is a style I was not at 1st used to, but I have to say, their style has been the difference maker for enhancing the morale of the team, having tough conversations, not just with my team, but with myself and connecting with the community.

  • How are services provided?
    Services can be provided on an hourly, project, or monthly basis.
  • What is the cost of service(s)?
    The cost can vary depending on the number of hours required, the size of the project, and/or the client's monthly need(s).
  • How long will services be provided?
    This is determined by your contractual agreement.
  • Do you provide legal services?
    No, we are not lawyers. We are fully aware of the law governing employee relations and the dos and don'ts. As a result, we always recommend that our clients consult with their legal team after completing any document (s).
  • What are the business hours?
    Your consultant's business hours will differ.
  • What industries are consultations and or services provided for?
    Our expertise is in the service industry. However, as our expertise grows, we can consult and/or provide services to a variety of business types.
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